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Thoughts on transforming organizations with digital communications

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Across the globe, digital communications have become a popular way for organizations in a variety of industries to engage their audiences. This new media has solved communications challenges across a plethora of platforms. Often, these challenges revolve around improving a current communications practice: modernizing it, extending its reach, and increasing its information volume. Schools, companies, and governments are all using digital communications for training and informing their constituents.


In the corporate setting this technology is being used both to communicate important information to employees and also to provide training. Designing programs that utilize this technology allows businesses to directly engage their audiences ensuring they absorb and retain more knowledge. Digital communications have proven to be over 400% more effective at drawing views than traditional static displays, so you can be sure that your audience is seeing the intended information. Whether it is employee training videos, or information on new policies and procedures, digital communications provide an interactive and engaging way to learn. It also improves communication between management, the HR department, and employees, helping them feel more involved and connected to the company.

Cost Effective

For companies that deal with a high turnover rate, remote employees or those that need to train employees quickly during peak seasons, digital communications are a great way to share information quickly and economically. As new corporate policies or company practices are developed, digital communications can quickly distribute this information to employees in any location on any screen. Digital communications have been so effective in training applications that it has even helped to reduce workplace injuries by up to 20%.

Time Savings

There are also cost and environmental savings to be considered. Thousands of dollars in time and material can be saved on printing costs. Unlike their analog predecessors, digital signs can be controlled centrally from one terminal. There is also a great deal of existing infrastructure that could be utilized, further saving money. For example, employees in remote locations could receive interactive training sessions or other corporate communications via their mobile devices. Another solution could be to use the existing displays during off-hours for training. There are lots of opportunities for creative uses here!