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Most people have encountered digital signs in everyday life, whether in their work environment or their personal life. Digital signage is used for a range of applications including advertising, menu boards, schedules/timetables and wayfinding. 

Suprisingly, digital signage is also popular in manufacturing environments. In a manufacturing setting with production lines, phones, emails, two-way radios, and PA systems all have serious drawbacks, making digital signage ideal. Strategically placed digital signage in a manufacturing facility can improve safety awareness, communicate valuable information instantly, and reduce response time when something on a production line must be changed. It can also reduce or eliminate costs and waste associated with printing.

What ROI Means with Digital Signage in Manufacturing Environments

If you're considering digital signage with your store, you naturally consider return on investment (ROI) in terms of how much the signage costs compared to how much new business it brings in. In a manufacturing setting, however, ROI is a little different. Typically, the ROI with digital signage in a manufacturing facility is measured in terms of safety improvements. A single injury costs a manufacturing facility an average of almost $80,000, so digital signage that prevents even a few injuries by communicating valuable safety information quickly demonstrates a positive ROI.

Conveying Dynamic Data Broadly and Promptly

Many modern manufacturing facilities do their best to keep workers apprised of productivity metrics, quality control, inventory levels, and production totals to keep productivity, safety, and employee morale high. Digital signage can be perfect for conveying this type of information to your workforce quickly, without excessive use of resources, delays, or unnecessary distractions from important tasks. PA systems in noisy environments are easily misunderstood, and paper and email notices can be woefully inefficient. Digital signs solve these problems beautifully.

Plant Safety and Emergency Communications

It's easy to ignore notice boards and safety posters, but safety information presented in a captivating manner on digital signage is engaging and conveys information efficiently. It can work wonderfully to reinforce safety training concepts. Digital signs are also terrific for emergency communications. They can display clear direction arrows and icons, and transmit audio as well. In an emergency situation, communication is absolutely essential for maintaining safety, and digital signage helps you inform your employees, locate exits, and direct them to shelter, with messages custom tailored to the event.  manufacturing screen

Consider the Physical Environment When Choosing a Provider

If you are interested in using digital signage in your manufacturing facility, make sure your digital signage provider understands the physical environment in which signs will be used. Signage located in a loading dock may experience extreme temperatures, while signage mounted above production lines may encounter airborne particles, moisture, or other environmental conditions not normally encountered in retail environments. Your provider can help you determine the best way to utilize digital signs while keeping the technology protected and in proper working order. 

Digital Signage Is Ultimately about Fast, Accurate Communication

Whether in a hospital, an airport, a restaurant, or a manufacturing plant, digital signage is all about fast and accurate display of relevant information. It can even be used to announce information that changes from day to day, such as staff scheduling. In a manufacturing environment, digital signage really earns its keep, providing management with information on production line metrics, giving line workers critical safety and production information, and keeping the entire workforce informed in emergency situations. 

sample manufacturing screenDigital signs are available in a remarkable range of sizes and configurations, so whatever the size of your manufacturing facility, there is a digital signage solution that can deliver ROI in the form of a safer, more informed workforce. Your customers may not see the digital signs in your facility, but they definitely benefit from what digital signage can accomplish with your workforce.