WEBINAR: Creating emotional connections through immersive digital experiences

Event description 
Organizations today have an opportunity and responsibility to engage their customers with digital communications that create emotional connections between customers and brands through immersive encounters we call “digital experiences.” 
For a digital experience to be meaningful, it needs to be integrated into the customer journey, rather than being applied as a layer. It should deliver relevant and meaningful content that disrupts customer behaviour, drives engagement and, ultimately, delivers an experience that creates a personal relationship with the customer. The advent of the Internet of Things has given rise to many new and emerging technologies that are changing how organizations create immersive, omnichannel experiences. Mobile experiences have become a platform that can support these initiatives, and can be utilized to self-educate, navigate, compare, validate and more deeply connect. 
In this webinar Omnivex Corporation and Shikatani Lacroix will walk you through how to create emotional connections with your customers, employees and visitors by creating immersive digital omnichannel experiences. Learn how:
  • To create digital experiences that flawlessly integrate with all aspects of your business, design a strategy to keep your customers engaged and build brand loyalty
  • Shikatani Lacroix will highlight how they helped brands such as M&M Meat Shop, Flow and Regions Bank design and accomplish this integrated   digital experience
  • To leverage the wealth of devices and technologies available through the Internet of Things as part of your digital strategy
  • Omnivex will discuss how to leverage data from multiple sources and inputs from sensors and other emerging technologies to create an immersive digital experience 

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Webinar - The Connected Experience — From Shopper to Store to Head Office

Event description 

Technology is changing how retailers interact with their customers, employees and head office. The ability of devices, whether in-store sensors, mobile, kiosks, or digital signs to communicate with each other offers the potential to create an entirely new experience for shoppers, employees and retail executives while providing increasing insight and intelligence about the shopping experience.

Join us for an interactive webcast that will demonstrate how you can:

  • Create an interactive and engaging in-store experience for your customers that can easily be customized by geographic location or other criteria
  • Capture data from in-store interactions with devices and leverage that information in real-time to improve your business
  • Arm your in-store employees with the technology to roam throughout the store and interact with customers all while being able to easily access systems like the POS and inventor


Eric Kamont
Retail Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

Jeff Collard
President, Omnivex Corporation

Moderated By:

Marianne Wilson
Editor, Chain Store Age

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