KB61: Some of your data isn't appearing on your ticker board


When your data scrolls on your ticker board, some of your data items are missing


You are using data from DataPipe on your scroller and some of your quote data contains commas. If your incoming numerical quote data has commas in it TickerDisplay interprets it as a string, rather than a number. Because TickerDisplay expects all of your quotes to be numbers, it assumes that the data must be an error and skips it.

KB281: How to: Use CalendarLink to access data from calendars that have commas in their names


Microsoft Exchange permits the use of commas in calendar names and CalendarLink uses commas as a delimiter to separate individual calendars in a multi-calendar link to DataPipe. For calendars with commas in their name, the commas can be interpreted as delimiters resulting in no linked data appearing in DataPipe.


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