KB334: How to: Enable GPU hardware acceleration to improve Internet Explorer web content performance


The FEATURE_GPU_RENDERING enables Internet Explorer (IE) to use a graphics processing unit (GPU) to render content. This dramatically improves performance for webpages that are rich in graphics.

By default, this feature is enabled for IE but disabled for applications hosting the WebBrowser Control. Therefore, in order to take advantage of this feature for Moxie content, GPU rendering must be enabled for Moxie by changing registry keys.

KB55: Additional hardware requirements for button zones


There is no additional hardware required to include a fully-functional button zone in your Display Design file or to run it on your Player. Typically, customers that include button zones in their design use a touch-screen for user input at the Player. However, a touch-screen behaves in much the same way as a traditional mouse, trackball or touch pad and a button zone responds to the clicking action of any of these hardware devices in the same way.

KB134: Minimum recommended hardware and operating system requirements for Moxie


Omnivex Moxie is powerful software and the following hardware specifications are the minimum recommended in order to provide a responsive and consistent experience.

Display systems tend to increase in complexity as users become more experienced with the software and the network matures. As a result, we recommend exceeding the minimum requirements so that content you develop in the future can still be accommodated by your hardware.

KB186: Hardware and operating system requirements for TickerDisplay and DataDisplay


Hardware requirements for Omnivex TickerDisplay and DataDisplay

Due to the complex nature of Omnivex display management software, there are many factors that can affect system performance. Determining appropriate system requirements for Omnivex display management software can be difficult, but there are several recommended hardware components and configurations.

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