KB253: How to: Manually update your Moxie Data Server license


Omnivex Moxie has the functionality to automatically update a license by writing the license file into the installation directory for a Moxie Data Server. Typically, this is the method that works for most installations.

Occasionally, the automatic update process is prevented from completing because of network firewalls or other network security protocols. Should this be the case, then a manual update of the license file is required.


KB255: In-house training at Omnivex


This article provides information to clients that have purchased in-house training session services from Omnivex and need to travel to Omnivex' head office in Concord, Ontario in order to attend.

These recommendations are based on our experience as a provider of this service and should be considered as guidelines when preparing for travel to your training session.

Travelling to Omnivex

KB269: How to reconnect your Moxie Player or Studio to your Data Server


A Moxie digital signage network consists of one or more Players, Studios and a Data Server. To facilitate network communication, a Moxie Data Proxy can also be part of a Moxie network. Whether these components are installed on the same or different computers, they all communicate using TCP/IP. Communication between components is bidirectional with the Data Server acting as the central information hub.

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