KB38: You are seeing unexplained exceptions or experiencing increased memory usage


You are getting unexplained exceptions and experiencing increased memory usage when using Microsoft's ODBC drivers to connect to your third party database.


Microsoft's ODBC drivers leak memory over a long period of time.


When setting up your ODBC data source, use your database vendor's latest ODBC driver rather than the one provided with Windows.

KB251: You have upgraded to SQLLink 4.04.5424 (or lower) and require a new license file


A new license file is required when upgrading to SQLLink 4 (versions 4.04.5424 or lower) from a version earlier than 4.02.4044.1.


When starting an upgraded version of SQLLink 4 for the first time, the splash screen appears with a message requesting that a new license file needs to be obtained from Omnivex.

This message does not mean that the existing license agreement with Omnivex is invalid, but that the new version of SQLLink 4, coupled with the particular system configuration, requires a reissue of the license file.

KB282: When SQLLink 4.04.5424 (or lower) starts you are informed that you need a license file


SQLLink 4 is an application with two parts; the system service and the user interface application. When SQLLink 4.04.5424 (or lower) starts, the system service component initializes and the first thing it does is look for a valid license (LIC) file in the installation directory on its computer. Occasionally, the LIC file cannot be found or accessed.


If the LIC file cannot be accessed, SQLLink presents a message in the start-up splash screen.

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