Collect and Measure Metrics in Real-time

Enable real-time reporting, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line with digital communications.


Effectively monitor your operations in real-time with the Omnivex platform

We live in an era where innovation is a must for any organization to stay competitive. To be successful, finance departments need to constantly improve productivity and drive efficiencies. The Omnivex platform should be an essential tool for you to leverage.



Benefits of the Omnivex Platform for Finance & Operations


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KPI Dashboards

A dashboard built with Omnivex platform makes key information, such as sales and inventory, visible on screens across your organization.

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Employee communications

Employees don't always have access to email, so digital signage offers a way for you to communicate key company news to everyone in your organization.

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Targeted Messaging

Schedule your content to appear on specific screens, ensuring the right people are getting the right information at the right time.

Use the Omnivex platform to make key information visible across your organization


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