Kasa Stefczyka Credit Union

Kasa Stefczyka Credit Union's agencies are able to present, in a sophisticated and modern way, their products and services in the form of sales-support content


About Kasa Stefczyka Credit Union

The Solution

With Omnivex Moxie software, content can be changed and distributed instantly to make updates simpler and more efficient. Additionally, the software is able to react dynamically to the changing socio-economic environment and alter the content on the screen to reflect this. "We are very proud that Apella, having compared multiple digital signage solutions, decided to choose Omnivex Moxie as a first choice," says Mr. Aleksander Koslacz, Greenlite Media's CEO. Kasa Stefczyka photo"In the process of deploying the system we implemented automated mechanisms for both managing and updating content that was based on external, real-time data. Thanks to the unique functionality and flexibility of Omnivex Moxie software, this deployment can easily scale both in terms of expanding to additional agency locations, as well as incorporating new applications such interactive touch panels or entirely mobile technologies."

The new signage is also used for marketing communication and enables the agencies to display motion-picture content in addition to targeted messaging that helps to the draw attention of customers and passers-by. The content being displayed includes current news from Poland and abroad, financial market and economic information, as well as weather forecasts. Information regarding products services, current promotional offers, and other relevant company news is also shown, along with coverage of events sponsored by Kasa Steczyka.

The Results

"Thanks to the digital signage implementation in Kasa Stefczyka Credit Union's agencies we are able to present, in a sophisticated and modern way, our products and services in the form of sales-support content," says Mr. Krzysztof Lewandowski, Sales Director of Kasa Steczyka Credit Union. "Content displayed on LCD panels inside the agencies undoubtedly makes time spent there more pleasant, while also presenting our current offers and other marketing messaging. The introduction of a digital signage system within Kasa Stefczyka was also intended to strengthen the corporate brand. We would like to be perceived as a modern and innovative organization."Kasa Stefczyka photo

Apella will be coordinating all marketing and sales-support activities associated with the digital signage implementation, as well as managing the content on a daily basis. It will also sell ad space on the screens to other prospective clients.

"Having a countrywide point-of-sales digital signage system allows us to tailor our message to suit the needs of every customer through the use of geo-targeted content. Messaging on every single LCD panel at each location displayed changes multiple times per day," says Mr. Tomasz Przybek, Apella's Deputy CEO. "We offer a host of marketing services as well, from conceptualization and the creation of graphics, all the way through to implementation. Apella employs a top-notch team of journalists, producers, creators and advertising specialists to ensure the complete and professional handling of every campaign."