University of Wollongong

University of Wollongong use Omnivex Digital Signage software to improve the engagement of students, visitors and the surrounding community


About University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UoW) has forged a distinctive identity as an enterprising institution with a personalised style. UoW is a University of international standing with an enviable record of achievement in teaching and research. The University consists of nine faculties offering a wide range of courses across Arts, Education, Health & Behavioural Sciences, Engineering, Law, Science, Informatics, Commerce and Creative Arts.

The main Wollongong campus is set on a site covering 82.4 hectares of lush greenery which establishes the natural setting of the campus.

The Solution

University of Wollongong photoOmnivex Moxie provided advanced functionality over all other digital signage software platforms evaluated. Its features include full design layout, flexibility and the full range of content types such as flash, RSS feeds, video files and linking of data in real time. Omnivex Moxie provides a system with unique intelligence by following pre-defined business rules, which automates content playlists, resulting in time savings during everyday use.

Omnivex Moxie automates many of the processes associated with managing a digital signage network. This meant that UoW would realize a huge time-saving benefit with respect to the ongoing management of the system. The Omnivex Moxie software manages all aspects of UoW's digital signage network, including content creation and management, real-time acquisition and distribution of data.

University of Wollongong photoUoW has identified a number of benefits from the Omnivex Moxie Digital Signage system from its launch in March 2010. One of the major benefits UoW have gained from using the software is increased awareness of digital media and a focus on getting the content right. UoW was conscious of the risk of poorly designed content and the possible negative impacts on their brand because digital signage is so visual. UoW is a campus of innovation and its primary audience is technically savvy. The message is subtle and the media has been noticed. The sense of community has now bought together internal teams as well as students.

The Results

University of Wollongong have been enormously pleased with the Omnivex Digital Signage software rollout.

University of Wollongong"Not only is the software easy to implement, its intuitive interface with metadata allows me to set content and forget it, as it will expire if necessary and adapt to changing data conditions without manual intervention. This means I spend less time on content and more time on tailoring content to suit my audience in real-time", says Anthony at UoW.

The communication channel is highly visible and has assisted in providing a more co-ordinated approach to messaging on campus.

General Manager of Communitech, Mr. Gary Else, congratulates UoW on their achievements to date and is looking forward to the inevitable expansion of the system. Gary considers Communitech to be a strategic partner with UOW's digital signage system. Their success will be reviewed again in 12 months time.