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Digital Menu Boards

Use real-time information and eye-catching visuals to enhance guest experience.


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Use real-time information to enhance guest experience

The Omnivex platform is the perfect choice for your digital menu boards.

HD graphics along with eye-catching visuals will grab a customer’s attention, but the Omnivex digital communications platform goes further than that by integrating real-time information. The platform is able to trigger visuals based on information coming from a number of sources, including calendars, clocks, sensors, and source systems such as inventory, ERP, or CRM. It scales gracefully as business requirements change. These features and more make it the perfect choice for everything from a single restaurant or cafeteria to a national chain of restaurants.

Dynamic Digital Menus

Create dynamic menus that are easy to update and engage your customers.

fast food digital menu board

Provide Nutritional Information

Adhere to FDA caloric requirements, provide nutritional information on menu items, highlight vegetarian and Heart-Safe options.

Schedule Content and Specials

Trigger content based on date and time. Have too much of one item? Easily create a flash promotion to boost its sales. Want to run a special between 2:00 and 3:00? Schedule it and it will automatically display. Integrate social media and create an interactive experience for your guests, making your menu screens suddenly do more than just display your menu.

digital menu board in arena

cafe digital menu board

Real-time Updates with Data Integration

Updates and changes to the menu can be as easy as changing a spreadsheet in Excel, or a database – or your phone! Change prices, menu items, calories, even availability, quickly and easily, all in real-time, and eliminate redundancies and lower expenses required to maintain static displays.