Emergency Notifications

Integrate existing audio alarms with visual emergency notifications on screens.

Emergency Notifications in Digital Signs

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Take your emergency notifications to the next level with digital signage.

Digital signage offers unparalleled advantages in delivering timely security and emergency information. From sharing real-time emergency notifications to access control to emergency preparedness, Omnivex digital signage software can effectively communicate critical information broadly and to a targeted audience. Combine existing audio alarms with visual emergency notifications on devices like digital screens, video walls, and mobile phones to improve your disaster preparedness and safety plans.


How can you use digital signage for emergency notifications?

emergency exit screen

Real-time Instructions

Quickly communicate critical information on digital screens across your organization, such as emergency exits and meeting points. Ensure everyone receives real-time guidance.

restricted area screen

Access Control

Integrating digital displays with access control systems lets your organization display information about authorized personnel, visitor registration procedures, and access restrictions.

emergency preparedness screen

Emergency Preparedness

Use dynamic visuals to deliver engaging training, safety videos, and emergency response simulations as regularly scheduled content on screens across your organization.

emergency preparedness screen

Public Safety Alerts

Collaborate with local authorities or emergency services to share information on your digital signage network during disasters, public health emergencies, or community security concerns.

mass notification screen

Mass Notification Systems

Integrate mass notification systems with your digital signage to enhance their effectiveness in delivering emergency notifications, ensuring critical information is immediately visible.

mobile safety notification

Mobile Integration

Leverage your digital signage platform to push emergency notification information to digital screens and mobile phones. Put emergency alerts in the hands of people where and when they need them.

emergency notification screens

Real-time Information

Emergencies unfold swiftly, leaving little time for deliberation. Providing real-time information on digital signage ensures that people promptly become aware of the situation. Whether it's a natural disaster, security breach, or any other crisis, immediate awareness enables people to take swift and appropriate actions, potentially mitigating the impact of the emergency.

Leverage the digital signage inside and outside your organization to provide essential details about the evolving situation, including updates, warnings, and instructions. This awareness empowers people to adapt to changing circumstances and make decisions that align with their safety. These choices could range from evacuating a building through a specific exit to directing traffic away from a hazardous area.


Public Safety Announcements

Information dissemination plays a critical role in ensuring public safety. Leverage digital signage to enhance the safety of your employees, visitors, and the public.

emergency exit screen


Digital signage, when placed strategically in high-traffic areas, can ensure that important emergency and safety messages reach a maximum number of people. Use attention-grabbing visuals combined with concise yet informative text.

community engagement screen

Community Engagement

Public safety isn't limited to emergencies alone but encompasses community engagement. Digital signage can inform the public about neighborhood watch programs and crime prevention tips, fostering a sense of community responsibility for safety.

multilingual emergency notification screen


Ensuring that all understand public safety announcements is crucial in multicultural environments. Leverage digital signage to display messages in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and making critical information accessible to a diverse audience.

How can digital signage transform your organization?

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Emergency Notifications in Digital Signage

Create alerts that immediately notify people there's an emergency.


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