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Communication is critical for engaging employees.

Leverage the Omnivex platform to improve employee communication. Share real-time information on any digital screen to enhance internal communication, boost engagement, and foster community within your organization. Engage employees with real-time updates of data, social media feeds, announcements, emergency notifications, and more.


How can you use digital signage for employee communications?

welcome screen

Company News

Whether it's a new product launch, organizational changes, or recognizing employee achievements, digital signage keeps your employees informed and connected to the company's developments.

KPI screen

Performance Metrics

Displaying real-time performance metrics on digital signage helps motivate employees, encourages healthy competition, and aligns individuals with organizational goals.

employee recognition screen

Employee Recognition

Use digital signage to highlight exceptional employees, share their success stories, and celebrate their contributions. This recognition boosts morale and inspires others to excel in their roles.

employee event screen


Promote internal events, workshops, and team-building activities with digital signage. Encourage participation by displaying event details, schedules, and registration information.

employee reminder screen

HR Information

Leverage your digital signage to communicate information about company policies, employee benefits, expense due dates, job openings, training, wellness initiatives, and more.

HR information screeen

Emergency Preparedness

Use dynamic visuals to deliver engaging training, safety videos, and emergency response simulations as regularly scheduled content on screens across your organization.

employee information screens

Real-time Information

Real-time information is crucial in today's fast-paced work environment. Leverage your digital signage to share real-time data and enable employees to make informed decisions promptly. From Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) to scheduling information to live news and weather, digital signage lets you put real-time information at your employee's fingertips and promote a culture of transparency. Incorporating real-time information into digital signage also improves productivity and efficiency, allowing employees to track progress and adjust their efforts accordingly, enabling a more focused and goal-oriented work environment..

The immediacy of real-time updates on digital signage also enhances emergency preparedness. In a crisis, such as a fire or evacuation, employees can rely on digital signage to provide instant guidance and safety instructions, helping them respond quickly and effectively.


KPI Dashboards

Historically, you would track KPIs in spreadsheets or scorecards distributed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Digital signage and mobile apps combined with real-time data eliminate the wait. Now, it is possible to put KPIs at everyone's fingertips. Make adjustments and course corrections before a small problem becomes a big issue.


Create a visual KPI dashboard and automate the sharing of KPIs across your organization. Integrate various data sources, including CRM, ERP, inventory, and BI, to provide an accurate view of the state of the business.

employee recognition screen

Extend your Reach

Extend the reach of your KPIs with customized KPI dashboards by department, location, and more. Use interactive screens to enable managers and employees to drill down into the numbers.

regional sales KPI screen

Targeted Information

Be confident you are sharing the correct metrics with the right people on the right screen. For example, on sales KPI screens, share data such as attainment of sales targets, sales per rep, and more.

How can digital signage transform your organization?

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