Get the right information to your employees at the right time with digital communications

When people think about digital signage, they often think of digital signs that are installed in retail or hospitality locations for the benefit of customers. However, in a corporate environment, digital communications has a number of applications including information screens, videowalls, interactive wayfinding, and emergency notifications. Digital communications on devices such as digital signs as a tool for employee communications provides a number of opportunities and has significant benefits, including:

  • Creating a sense of connection across multiple locations, offices and departments
  • Informing and motivating employees with relevant metrics and messages
  • Controlling and reinforcing corporate branding and messaging from a central location
  • Ensuring a safe environment by integrating digital signage with emergency notification system to provide visual notification of fires, bad weather or other important safety notices
  • Sharing important corporate information, such as company policies, health & safety tips, social feeds, and employee awards