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Employee Communications

See how our Corporate Communications Solution can help engage your workforce.


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Communication is critical for engaging employees

With the Omnivex platform, you can communicate with your employees in real-time on any digital screen.

A properly engaged employee is happier, loyal, more productive, and passionate...there are so many benefits to maintaining a high level of engagement, least of which is how it affects your bottom line. Our corporate communications solution allows you to easily engage with your employees with real-time updates of data, social media feeds, announcements, emergency notifications, and more.

Corporate Communications Solutions

Communicate the latest information your staff and guests need to know, quickly and easily.

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Data Integration and Content Updates

Screens that show the same old content will never be effective. Our solution provides an easy way to add data and update content, giving you full control of the messaging. When the message on-screen is always new and fresh, your employees will rely on the screens for new information.

Leverage Your Social Media

Integrating your company’s social media accounts onto your digital signage system is one way our solution allows your employees to contribute and also stay current with corporate information and news.

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Real-time Information for a Real-time World

Easily customize what displays on each screen of your digital signage network, so your staff are seeing relevant real-time information. Know you’re getting the right information to the right people at the right time.