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Digital communications on self-serve kiosks provide a number of business advantages.

Interactive and Informative Digital Signage Kiosk Solutions

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Enable your customers to self-serve.

Turn your screens into interactive wayfinding and information kiosks with Omnivex digital signage software. Interactive kiosks offer convenience, engagement, and a seamless user interface, enabling you to enhance customer experience, streamline processes, and improve efficiency no matter your industry.

How can you use interactive kiosks?

interactive kiosk

Interactive Wayfinding

Help visitors easily navigate large facilities with an interactive wayfinding kiosk. Provide step-by-step directions on the screen or enable information to be sent to a mobile phone.

banking interactive kiosk


Streamline check-in and registration processes with an interactive kiosk. Guests can complete registration forms, verify identification, and even make payments without employee assistance.

banking screen

Product Information

Self-service kiosks can provide detailed product information, pricing, availability, compare features, and even access customer reviews, facilitating informed purchase decisions.

ticketing kiosk screen


Leverage self-service kiosks to offer ticket purchasing, seat selection, and more. Users can browse available options, choose seats, and receive e-tickets, enhancing convenience.

healthcare check-in kiosk

Wellness Checkpoints

Utilize self-service kiosks to facilitate health screenings and wellness checks. Users can input information, answer questions, and receive personalized recommendations.

conference center kiosk screen

Multilingual Solutions

Reach a diverse customer base by providing information in multiple languages. Users select their preferred language, ensuring they understand instructions and information accurately.

Collage of Digital Kiosks

Brand Engagement

A well-designed and interactive kiosk is a powerful tool for conveying your brand message and enhancing your organization's presence and connection with its audience. Ensure your kiosk screens are visually appealing and on-brand, featuring your organization's logo, colors, and design elements. To maximize brand engagement, place your kiosks in high-traffic areas where the target audience will likely interact with them.

Interactive content is essential for engagement. Create multimedia experiences, including videos, product demonstrations, and interactive games or quizzes that align with your brand's messaging. This not only captures attention but also immerses users in your brand story. Consider collecting user data through your kiosk. With user consent, you can gather preferences, allowing for more tailored experiences in the future.


Automate Processes

With self-serve kiosks, you can automate ordering, ticketing, and registration processes, allowing you to redirect staff to more value-added activities.

interactive kiosk


Self-serve kiosks can be used for various applications, including check-in, order placement, payment processing, and information retrieval. Enable users to complete transactions or access information independently, reducing the need for staff intervention.

interactive kiosks in event venue


Self-serve kiosks can operate around the clock, providing uninterrupted service to your customers even during non-business hours. This enhances convenience and accessibility, as customers can interact with the screen at their own pace and at any time.

QSR interactive kiosk


Connect your kiosk with your payment processing platform to enable customers to place and pay for their products and services without needing to checkout at a separate cashier. Focus staff on value-added services instead of taking payments.


Interactive Kiosks

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