Use digital communications to enable your customers to self-serve

People today are more self-directed than ever. Few are bothered by self-checkout lanes in supermarkets or information kiosks in retail stores, and the trial and adoption of these is growing rapidly. While the growth in popularity and usage of self-serve kiosks is partly due to companies getting better at implementing the technology, it is also due to the average consumer being more technologically savvy. Digital communications on devices such as self-serve kiosks provide a number of business advantages including:

  • Automating processes such as ordering, ticketing and registration reducing the need for staff or providing an opportunity to redirect staff to more value add activities
  • Integrating with backend systems such as inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to provide personalized real-time information
  • Providing detailed information on products or services and the ability to promote complimentary offerings such as warranties or value add services