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Measure results in real-time.

KPI Dashboards created with Omnivex software allow you to monitor your business in real-time. Integrate data from a variety of sources, monitor hardware and environment settings, and visualize the most impactful metrics for your business.


How can you use digital signage to share Key Performance Indicators?

KPI screen

Progress Visualization

Create visually appealing graphics and charts on your digital signage to track progress toward KPI goals. By clearly presenting data, you motivate employees to work towards achieving targets.

KPI performance metrics

Performance Metrics

Use digital signage to share individual and team performance metrics. Highlighting achievements and areas for improvement can motivate employees and foster healthy competition.

regional sales KPI screen

Department Dashboards

Tailor digital signage displays to specific departments or teams, showing relevant KPIs. Focus sales on revenue and conversion rates, while manufacturing can monitor production efficiency metrics.

department KPI screen

Team Reviews

Use digital signage to conduct pre-shift and post-shift huddles, reviewing previous days metrics and current targets and challenges.

team KPI screen


Monitor staff skill levels on the line, and enable quick and effective decision-making onsite.

KPI target screen


Use digital signage to encourage cross-departmental collaboration by displaying shared KPIs requiring teamwork. This fosters a sense of unity and encourages employees to work together towards goals.

KPI screens

Data-driven Decisions

Real-time KPIs provide immediate insights into the current state of your organization. Decision-makers can quickly assess performance across various metrics, such as sales, customer satisfaction, production output, or website traffic, without the delay of waiting for periodic reports. This immediacy allows for timely responses to emerging challenges or opportunities. By presenting up-to-the-minute data in an accessible format, digital signage encourages leaders to base their decisions on empirical evidence rather than intuition or assumptions.

The transparency facilitated by real-time KPIs is another crucial benefit. When KPI data is readily available on digital signage screens, it becomes accessible to a broader audience within the organization. This transparency ensures that stakeholders, from executives to front-line employees, clearly understand the organization's performance and objectives.


Eliminate Paper Reports

Historically, you would track KPIs in spreadsheets or scorecards distributed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Digital signage and mobile apps combined with real-time data eliminate the wait. Now, it is possible to put KPIs at everyone's fingertips. Make adjustments and course corrections before a small problem becomes a big issue.

sales KPI screen



Create a visual KPI dashboard and automate the sharing of KPIs across your organization. Integrate various data sources, including CRM, ERP, inventory, and BI, to provide an accurate view of the business. Touch screens offer a great way to drill down on metrics and see the data behind the number.

patient care KPI screen


Extend the reach of your KPIs with customized KPI dashboards by department, location, and more. Be confident you are sharing the correct metrics with the right people on the right screen. For example, share data on sales KPI screens, such as attainment of sales targets and sales per rep.

goal tracking KPI screen

Track Goals

Inform staff of past accomplishments and current production goals to keep them motivated and challenged. Comparing goals and metrics with other facilities is a great way to foster friendly competition and rivalry between plants and boost overall production.


How can digital signage transform your organization?

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Digital Signage and KPI Dashboards

Share real-time results and key performance metrics on digital screens throughout your organization.


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