Deploy Digital Signs in your Lobby and Reception Areas

Enhance your visitor experience with well-placed digital signs

Digital Signs in Welcome and Reception Areas

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Enhance visitor experience with digital signage in reception and waiting areas.

Leveraging digital signage in lobbies and reception areas is a powerful way to enhance the visitor experience, convey information efficiently, and leave a lasting impression. Whether in corporate offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, or educational institutions, Omnivex digital signage software enables you to welcome, inform, and entertain guests when they arrive at your facilities.


How can you use digital signage in your reception area?

university campus welcome screen

Welcome Messages

Use digital signage to display welcome messages and showcase your organization's branding. Incorporate your logo, company colors, and tagline to create a visually appealing atmosphere.

airport welcome screen

Visitor Information

Provide visitors with essential information such as building maps and directories. Interactive wayfinding screens enable users to input their destination and receive directions.

corporate welcome screen

Information Updates

Display real-time news, company updates, and industry-related information. Keep visitors informed about your organization's latest developments, achievements, and news.

conference center welcome screen

Event Promotion

Advertise upcoming events, conferences, or seminars your organization is hosting. Include event details, schedules, and registration information to encourage participation.

lobby welcome screen

Virtual Receptionist

Digital signage lets you monitor who enters and leaves your facilities without a receptionist. Leverage a touch screen to register visitors, print ID badges, and notify employees of guest arrivals.

interactive welcome screen

Interactive Directories

Install interactive digital directories that allow visitors to search for employees, departments, or services. Include contact details, photos, and additional information to facilitate connections.

Video Walls

Create a "WOW" as visitors and employees walk through your lobby with a video wall. Whether small or large, a video wall provides a unique opportunity to create a lasting first impression of your organization. Incorporate 4K video and imagery to tell your brand story and engage viewers. Consider integrating interactive elements through the use of touch screens or mobile phones.

There are projection, LED, and LCD options when creating your video wall. Consider unique shapes and designs for your video wall beyond the standard rectangle, such as curved, angled, and more. Digital signage software can help you manage the content on your video wall along with lighting, blinds, and more in your reception area.



Leveraging digital signage in your reception area is essential to enhance corporate branding and make a lasting impression on visitors. Digital signage offers a dynamic and visually engaging platform to effectively communicate your brand identity, values, and key messages.

branded welcome screens

Brand Elements

Incorporate your company's logo, colors, and high-quality graphics and videos into the digital signage design in your reception area. This creates a cohesive and consistent brand presence that immediately reinforces your identity as visitors and employees enter your facilities.

KPI screen

Brand Engagement

Extend the reach of your KPIs with customized KPI dashboards by department, location, and more. Use interactive screens to enable managers and employees to drill down into the numbers.

retail promo screen

Brand Differentiators

Use captivating visuals and messaging to communicate what sets your brand apart and unique selling points for your products or services. Share customer testimonials, case studies, social media posts, or success stories to build credibility and trust.


How can digital signage transform your organization?

Explore how digital signage can revolutionize how your organization manages, processes, and communicates information. Reach out to one of our experts today!

Welcome your Guests

Digital signage offers unique and compelling ways to welcome guests and keep them entertained.


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