Manage room capacity and usage with digital signage.

Use digital signage to manage room scheduling and capacity limits. Integrate digital signage with calendars and other scheduling systems to ensure screens update in real-time as information changes. Additionally, leverage digital signage to monitor who is entering and leaving the office.

Digital Signage and Room Management

Manage the booking of workspaces, meeting rooms, and traffic around the office with digital signage.

Integrate with calendars

Integrate digital screens with calendar and resource systems, such as Microsoft Outlook to automate the flow of information and ensure room usage updates in real-time.

Virtual receptionist

Monitor who is coming in and out of buildings or offices, without the need for a person at a reception desk through a simple screen interface.

Manage desk hoteling

Use digital signage to quickly and easily share information about desks and workspaces available. Log usage information of desks and conference rooms for contact tracing and governance.