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From airports to schools, hospitals to transit systems, there are many applications for our Schedule and Timetable solution.

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Provide important scheduling information to your customers, employees, and visitors.

People need real-time scheduling information, whether you're running a school, an airport, a hospital, or a transit system. The Omnivex platform allows you to share real-time schedules on any screen, from mobile phones to digital signs. Share scheduling data across your digital signage network from many sources, including databases, calendars, and GPS tracking systems, across your digital signage network.


How can you leverage digital signage to share scheduling information?

employee scheduling screen

Employee Scheduling

Eliminate paper schedules by displaying real-time employee work schedules on digital signage. Make it easy for staff to view their shifts, breaks, and days off.

meeting room scheduling screen

Meeting Room Bookings

Use digital signage to display meeting room availability and booking information. This streamlines the reservation process and helps avoid double bookings.

airport scheduling screen

Transportation Schedules

Digital signage provides an effective way to share real-time updates on departures, arrivals, and delays for planes, trains, buses, and more, improving passenger experience.

conference center scheduling screen

Event Calendars

Digital signage can showcase event calendars, including company-wide events, seminars, training sessions, and important dates. This keeps employees informed and encourages participation.

healthcare wait time screen


Display appointments and wait times on screens to keep people informed. Additionally, leverage the screens to entertain people with news, weather, and more while waiting.

Maintenance Schedules

Connect digital signage to maintenance systems to ensure information such as wayfinding and room availability reflects the real-time state of a facility.

restaurant scheduling screen

Reduce Employee Workload

Sharing scheduling information on digital signage significantly reduces employee workload, enabling them to concentrate on value-added activities. Traditional methods of scheduling distribution can be time-consuming and prone to errors, often requiring administrative tasks like printing and disseminating paper schedules or sending numerous emails. With Omnivex digital signage software, schedules are displayed in real-time, ensuring that employees always have access to the most current information, minimizing the need for manual communication.

This automation streamlines the scheduling process, reducing your employees' burden. It eliminates the time spent answering scheduling questions, allowing employees to allocate their energy and skills to more valuable, revenue-generating activities. 


Real-time Information

Real-time information is crucial when sharing scheduling details on digital signage because it ensures accuracy, responsiveness, and relevance. In dynamic environments like airports and healthcare facilities, schedules can change rapidly, and real-time updates guarantee that viewers always have the most current information.

real-time transit schedule screen


Real-time scheduling information fosters trust among viewers, whether travelers, event attendees, patients, or employees who rely on up-to-the-minute schedules.


Real-time information empowers viewers to confidently plan activities, such as travelers catching flights, employees managing their workdays, or patients coordinating their appointments.

real-time transit schedule screens

Reduces Stress

The unknown is stressful. Real-time scheduling information on digital screens, mobile phones, and more reduces the unknown and puts information at the viewers' fingertips.


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Real-time Scheduling Information

Create layouts that provide real-time information on schedules.


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