Digital schedules provide important information to your customers, employees, and visitors

People need real-time scheduling information, whether you’re running a school, an airport, a hospital, or a transit system. With the Omnivex platform, organizations can take data from many different sources, such as database and GPS tracking systems, and share it across any screen, from mobile phones to digital signs.

Real-time Scheduling Information

Create layouts that provide real-time information on schedules.

schedule on video wall in aiport

Provide Real-time Updates on Schedule Changes

Whether it’s a delayed flight, a canceled class, or a rescheduled appointment, it’s essential to share information as soon as possible. With real-time updates on the Omnivex platform, you can be confident that people have the most up-to-date information.

Emergency Notifications

Keep people safe by enabling emergency notifications to takeover your screens and interrupt your scheduled content. Direct people with instructions, if necessary, and keep them informed of the status of the emergency.

schedule screen in transportation facility

schedule screens in convention centre

Reduce Employee Workload and Improve Customer Experience

With real-time updates, digital signs change when the information changes, allowing your employees to focus on other things. Employees and customers will be happier.