Help visitors find their way with interactive wayfinding

Our digital communications platform enables you to create dynamic and interactive wayfinding content. The Omnivex digital communications platform provides design tools that simplify the design process and allow content managers to hook into real-time, back end information that can help drive on-screen decision making. Maps and floor plans are easy to maintain; by connecting to back end systems, they have the ability to reflect the current state of a changing environment.

Interactive Wayfinding on the Omnivex Platform

Explore what you can create with Omnivex software.

wayfinding screen in convention centre

Leverage Conditional Formatting

Incorporate conditional formatting to direct traffic flow based on time, date, or in emergency situations across your interactive wayfinding screens.

Add Transfer Points

Incorporate transfer points such as stairs or elevators into your interactive wayfinding to ensure a smooth transition to multi-floors or multi-regions.

wayfinding screen in airport

wayfinding screens in convention centre

Provide personalized experience

Integrate with mobile devices or use dynamic QR codes to provide a portable and personalized interactive wayfinding experience.