CalendarLink 3.06.032 released

A new version of CalendarLink (3.06.032) has been released. It now runs as a Windows Service instead of an application. This Windows Service version of CalendarLink is compatible with Windows 2008 and up, and provides the ability to run CalendarLink without the need to be logged in.

Known Issue

When used in conjunction with MS Exchange 2010, entering data in the text body area of the meeting scheduler may cause character formatting issues. If upgrading to the 3.06.032 version, we recommned using the subject field as the input data source, not the text body area. See KB324 for details.


Customers with current AMS agreements can download a copy of the latest version. You must be logged into the Omnivex website to access the file.

November 16, 2015

Product version number 


Product version number