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Use digital signage in your lobby or reception area to create a lasting first impression and a welcoming environment. Leverage a variety of screens, from interactive kiosks to video walls to transparent screens, to create an engaging and immersive experience that reflects your corporate values and brand. Greet visitors with personalized content that engages them and makes them feel welcome.

Let's look at three ways to take your reception area to the next level with digital signage - video wall, wayfinding, and information screens.

Video Wallvideo wall in reception area

Create a "WOW" as visitors and employees walk through your reception area with a video wall. Whether small or large, a video wall provides a unique opportunity to incorporate 4K video and imagery to tell your brand story and engage viewers. There are projection, LED, and LCD options when creating your video wall. Additionally, consider unique shapes and designs for your video wall beyond the standard rectangle, such as curved, angled, and more.

Digital signage software can help you manage the content on your video wall along with lighting, blinds, and more in your reception area. Use data from IoT devices or other sources to trigger the content on your video wall and create an immersive experience. For example, using time or weather as a data trigger, the video wall and connected lighting could feature bright, cheery content and colors in the mornings or on sunny days.

In hospitals and educational institution lobbies, a video wall can also be used as a digital donor wall. Use a digital donor wall to recognize financial contributors and run a real-time fundraising campaign. Highlight progress towards your goal and show a live list of donors. Create visual profiles of key donors that incorporate company logos, photos, and other exciting information. Incorporate eye-catching videos to highlight the results of donations - new facilities, equipment, medical advances, and more.


wayfinding kiosk in reception areaOffices and public buildings are often extensive, sprawling complexes that make getting around challenging. While regular visitors will probably know their way around, new people need guidance. Digital signage is your best, most flexible option for wayfinding both before and after they enter the building. Exterior digital signage and welcome screens help greet employees and visitors with relevant and timely information. Ensure all the information they need for their visit is handy and visible. For example, highlight the location of popular areas, visitor parking/entrance, lobby, and employee entrances. Digital wayfinding screens also enable you to quickly reroute people when a section of your facility is closed for repairs or maintenance. Also, wayfinding information can be integrated into your general information screens.

An interactive wayfinding screen in your lobby allows visitors to self-serve. They can enter where they want to go and quickly see a visual route and an estimate for the time to reach the destination. Directions can be made portable with the quick scan of a QR code. Additionally, provide a menu of options that guide them to interest points like washrooms, popular departments, and exits. The same interactive wayfinding screen could also be used as a virtual receptionist, allowing guests to register they have arrived and notify the employee they are meeting with. Enabling visitors to self-serve and easily find where they need to go allows employees to focus on other valuable activities.

Information Screens

No one likes waiting, but it is inevitable. Use digital signs to entertain visitors and customers while they wait. For example, highlight new products or services and personal finance tips in a bank lobby, remind viewers of upcoming deadlines, and share real-time stock and financial news on screens where customers are waiting. While in a corporate lobby, use digital signage to engage viewers with the organization's brand. Highlight corporate values, product launches, recent awards and accolades, social media posts, and more. Customize information by geographic location or other filters to ensure the information is relevant for all viewers.

Additionally, information screens can highlight room scheduling information, event details, real-time news, and weather, provide visitors personalized greetings, and share important emergency notification details.

From video walls to wayfinding to information screens and everywhere in between, digital signage provides several ways to take your reception and lobby areas to the next level!