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Manufacturers have a lot to manage in the modern manufacturing landscape, with automation, a growing skilled labor gap, accelerating timelines and heightened consumer demands all placing strains on the efficiency of an operation and its processes.

Particularly in a lean manufacturing environment where Visual Factory Management is a key part of managing daily improvement and eliminating waste, digital signs, video walls, interactive kiosks and mobile phone-driven solutions can improve productivity and drive efficiencies.

Fortunately, implementing or elevating existing digital signage solutions can help companies in the manufacturing sector realize a wide range of benefits, from real-time data reporting, reduced costs, streamlined digital communications, and more.

The Value of Real-Time Data Reporting via Digital Signage

Data is king, but no amount of data collected is worth the time spent gathering it if it’s not being seen or analyzed in real time to deliver actionable insights.

Digital signage solutions can give manufacturers access to real-time production alerts and metrics, inventory monitoring and key statistics, real-time KPI dashboard tracking, and more.

As the saying goes, “We are what we measure,” and digital signage and communications empower unmatched insight into the data driving your organization.

Reducing Costs by Upping Manufacturing Efficiency

Alongside that insight, digital signage can power tremendous savings.

Overall, a more connected facility and team reduces time wasted identifying issues, prioritizing tasks, conducting manual and tedious counts, and more. Specifically, though, digital signage and communications bring real advantages.

They empower real-time inventory monitoring and robust wayfinding, helping your organization engage in dynamic inventory location that shaves time and drives efficiency.

The reduced inventory, improved quality and safer work environment powered by robust digital signage helps organizations lower production costs and, most critically, see an increase in the bottom line driven by a more efficient operation.

Real-Time Communication Elevates Safety and More

Finally, digital signage, particularly when implemented throughout a facility from the cafeteria to the production floor, empowers more informed, satisfied and safer employees.

Digital signage can communicate real-time updates, deliver company training, make key announcements, distribute news and weather information, broadcast emergency health and safety alerts via integration with external systems and alarms, and more.

This connectivity and the resulting informed employee base will add to that overall efficiency and productivity that lowers costs and saves key minutes each and every day.


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