Proof-of-play Logging in Moxie


Moxie has a log system that tracks the display of content and records it in a database. This database can then be queried to create reports containing data related to content displayed during specific time-spans.


This document focuses on a proof-of-play (POP) scenario and covers the following:

Creating reports from log data

A configured and enabled Moxie log system is capable of reporting a large volume of log data. Log data itself does not present a comprehensive picture of the information within it because it is a collection of records containing highly detailed information. Each record contains specific information about an event that occurred on a Moxie network. Once collected, this data can be processed into log reports which can better explain and illustrate the information.

KB307: You want to know what the changes are to logging in Moxie 6.10


When upgrading from an older version of Moxie to 6.10, there are several changes to logging that should be noted:

  • There is a Moxie Log Server component to install and configure
  • There is no longer a Log Viewer module
  • Moxie Player has a Client Logging Agent
  • MS SQL is required to store your log files

There is a Moxie Log Server component to install and configure

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