KB221: How to: Run Display 3 in Windows 7


Default settings for Windows 7 prevent you from:

  1. remotely upgrading Display Player from Display Director.
  2. remotely registering Display Player from Display Director.
  3. running your player screen saver from a location other than the default location.


Default installation settings and features for Windows 7 prevent Display 3 from performing specific functions on the players on your network.

KB282: When SQLLink 4.04.5424 (or lower) starts you are informed that you need a license file


SQLLink 4 is an application with two parts; the system service and the user interface application. When SQLLink 4.04.5424 (or lower) starts, the system service component initializes and the first thing it does is look for a valid license (LIC) file in the installation directory on its computer. Occasionally, the LIC file cannot be found or accessed.


If the LIC file cannot be accessed, SQLLink presents a message in the start-up splash screen.

KB133: How to: Activate Moxie


Once you have installed Omnivex Moxie Studio on your computer, you need to activate the software before you can use it.


When you receive your copy of Moxie Studio, you also receive an e-mail from Omnivex Registration with your activation information. You need the information in this e-mail in order to complete the activation process.

Note: Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to activate Moxie Studio.

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