KB165: You changed your desktop configuration and now you can't see some windows or dialogs


You have removed your secondary monitor or changed your desktop layout using the Windows Display Properties and now some of your Omnivex program windows or dialog boxes no longer appear. It may appear as though your Omnivex program has frozen after clicking a button or menu option but the program is actually waiting for an off screen dialog to be closed.


Some Omnivex applications store the position and sizes of windows and dialogs in an ETC file. When you disable a secondary monitor or change your desktop layout using Windows Display Properties, your application may still be configured so that some of the windows or dialog boxes associated with it appear on portions of your desktop that are no longer visible.


To stop your windows and dialog boxes from appearing on portions of your desktop that are no longer visible, you can reconfigure your Omnivex applications so that all of the associated windows and dialog boxes appear on your primary monitor.

To reconfigure your Omnivex application:

  1. Close the Omnivex application.
  2. Locate the ETC file in its installation directory. By default, this is C:\Program Files\Omnivex\<program_name>. The file name is the application name with an ETC file type extension.
  3. Select the ETC file.
  4. Press DELETE. The Confirm File Delete dialog box appears.
  5. Click OK.

When the application is restarted, all of the windows and dialogs automatically appear on the primary monitor. A new ETC file is generated by the program.