Moxie 6.11.5170 released

A new version of Moxie has been released. The Moxie Server is supported on Windows Server 2008 and 2012. The Moxie Studio and Player are supported on Windows 7 and Windows Embedded 8 Industry. This version of Moxie also supports .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5.

New Features

  • New property for Video Playback Control has been added to the Media zone to support play, pause, skip forward ā€œnā€ seconds, skip back ā€œnā€ seconds, skip to beginning and skip to end
  • Data converter has been redesigned to a hierarchy of conditions.
  • Data formatting to support regional variations has been added to Text zone.
  • New Layout zone added
  • Sync service extended to sync most data folders in Moxie data server with file systems.
  • Ability to run multiple Data Servers and share files through the Sync Manager module
  • Supporting artwork for new features has been added to the 6.11 sample workspace

See KB312 and our new feature video for additional information


  • Ability to customize the name of the Moxie database when using SQL Server
  • Data Converter items added to ribbon
  • New Data Converter dialog
  • Sync tasks will sync subfolders as well as the primary folder
  • New Monitor version
  • New SQLLink version
  • New CalendarLink version

Known Issues

  • FIPS compliance has been temporarily suspended for Moxie version 6.11 and will be reinstated in a later version. If you require FIPS compliance or are currently running with FIPS compliance enabled, use Moxie version 6.09 and do not upgrade.


Customers with current AMS agreements can download a copy of the latest version from here. You must be logged into the web site to access this URL.

March 3, 2014

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