KB250: What technical support is included in my AMS program?


The AMS program includes technical support that provides the resources to solve specific product issues. Omnivex Technical Support hours are 8:00AM to 6:00PM EDT.

The AMS program covers questions and troubleshooting of unexpected behavior related to documented features.

Technical support does not include:

  • installation or setup
  • content creation or customization
  • instructions and assistance with standard software tasks that are addressed in the software documentation
  • training services

Questions related to these issues require additional Technical Services, which are billable. Technical Services can be purchased for on-site or remote sessions. The Omnivex Sales department can provide a quote for these services if required.

Sample questions that are covered under AMS technical support:

  • I have a problem seeing my players.
  • I have a problem with slow response times in the Studio.
  • My software appears to be operating in an unregistered state.
  • My Permission Manager isn't working.
  • I can't save my layouts.
  • I am unable to view a media stream.

Sample questions that are not covered under AMS technical support:

  • How do I schedule different files to play on my screen?
  • How do I set up a playlist?
  • How can I add a clock (or other content) to my layout?
  • How do I install my software?
  • I've created a layout, but can't find it on my network, can you locate it?
  • How do I schedule my content to play?