KB257: Preparing for your on-site installation


In anticipation of an on-site installation, there are technical and logistical considerations which should be considered before the Omnivex Technician arrives.

All of the details in the following article may not be applicable for your particular installation. This article's purpose is to clarify technical expectations between a client requesting an on-site installation and Omnivex' Technical Services department.


Your network is the communications backbone of your digital signage system and a critical area for consideration and planning. Details should be discussed further with Omnivex' Technical Services department.

Points to note are:

  • configuration specifications between the computers on your digital signage network with attention to:
    • static versus dynamic addressing
    • domains versus workgroups
    • LAN versus WAN
    • VPN details
    • traffic shaping and firewall rules
  • network cabling
  • connectivity considerations, verification and configuration
  • IP services and host names configured

Computer Hardware

The computers that communicate across your digital signage network.

Points to note are:

  • computers and their installed hardware, configuration and specifications
  • servers and/or virtual servers deployed and their configuration and specifications
  • operating systems installed and their configuration and specifications

Display screens

Points to note are:

  • installed displays and their make and models
  • the cabling used between the computers and their connected displays
  • the description of the connectivity ration of displays per computer
  • video requirements for your digital signage network
  • RS232 requirements if applicable for your installation

Contact people

The individuals who will be managing your digital signage network.

Note: the contact information; positions and/or titles, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses for the following individuals:

  • content creators and editors
  • IT and IS administrators
  • training specialists
  • marketing department contacts

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Was this information helpful?