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Digital Communication's Impact On Transportation

Transportation, particularly across long distances, is stressful on passengers. There are tickets to purchase and keep track of, numbers to remember, and rides and planes to catch.

With effective digital communication, you can ease that burden and enhance passengers’ experiences. Instead of a constant headache, you can give passengers access to real-time information about critical arrival and departure times, delays, cancellations, changes, and more.

The overall goal of any transportation facility is a simple one – get passengers where they need to go safely, efficiently and effectively, with minimal confusion and waiting along the way.

By arming your passengers with critical information through digital communications and signage, meeting the challenges that stand between you and that goal head on is easier than ever.

With effective digital communications, you can:

Alleviate perceived wait times

When information is murky, passengers arrive earlier than needed, leading to a lot of sitting and waiting around. With effective digital communication, you can provide passengers reliable information about their trip, allowing them to budget their time in a way that’s more enjoyable.

Enhance travel experiences

Alongside reduced waits come better overall experiences. We’ve all been there – the bad travel experiences stand out, but so do the seamless and smooth ones. People want their experiences to align with the relaxing, fun trip they’re on, not clash with it.

Engage passengers with other key information

Beyond simple flight or other mode-of-travel information, passengers will benefit from key information regarding weather, news, emergency broadcasts and more.

Deliver real-time, location-based information

Being able to tailor critical information based on location provides innumerable benefits – go beyond simply providing information and customize it for passengers and areas, providing an individualized and beneficial experience.

Improve overall operations

With effective digital communications, employees spend less time answering questions and putting out fires and more time ensuring they help every aspect of your facility run as smoothly as possible.

Keep passengers safe

Emergency notifications can interrupt regularly scheduled content, ensuring passengers are taken care of and notified of any critical information.

Position yourself as a “travel guide”

With interactive wayfinding kiosks and information throughout your facility, you can go beyond “the place where travel happens” and achieve true “travel guide” and industry-leader status.