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KB308: Omnivex current products and supported Microsoft Windows operating systems


Omnivex products are designed to operate on a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Not all Windows operating systems are appropriate for all products. Omnivex tests each new software update on multiple operating systems (English versions only) to ensure consistent performance and value to customers. Listed below is the most recent version of each Omnivex product and their supported operating systems. The information below is subject to change. This article is regularly updated.

KB192: Devices supported by Control


Omnivex Control Director has built-in manufacturer's device control functions. There is no need for any programming if you are using a supported device in Server mode. Select your device using the Devices Setup wizard and all the command functions for the specified device are available in the software. For unsupported devices, commands can be manually created using Independent mode.

Independent Mode

KB254: Omnivex Travel Policies


Omnivex has on-site training and installation services available for purchase. This article provides the information required to concisely define the scope and planning constraints of on-site visits.

Based on our experience, every effort has been made to define a clear structure for our travel policies but it is not reasonably possible to account for all eventualities that can occur.

KB255: In-house training at Omnivex


This article provides information to clients that have purchased in-house training session services from Omnivex and need to travel to Omnivex' head office in Concord, Ontario in order to attend.

These recommendations are based on our experience as a provider of this service and should be considered as guidelines when preparing for travel to your training session.

Travelling to Omnivex

KB257: Preparing for your on-site installation


In anticipation of an on-site installation, there are technical and logistical considerations which should be considered before the Omnivex Technician arrives.

All of the details in the following article may not be applicable for your particular installation. This article's purpose is to clarify technical expectations between a client requesting an on-site installation and Omnivex' Technical Services department.


KB258: Preparing your on-site training facility


In anticipation of an on-site training session, there are technical specifications to be considered prior to the arrival of your Omnivex Trainer.

The following article provides a starting point for you to prepare for your on-site training session and to ensure that when your Trainer arrives, the training session can begin promptly and run smoothly for its duration.

The training environment


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