KB308: Omnivex current products and supported Microsoft Windows operating systems


Omnivex products are designed to operate on a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Not all Windows operating systems are appropriate for all products. Omnivex tests each new software update on multiple operating systems (English versions only) to ensure consistent performance and value to customers. Listed below is the most recent version of each Omnivex product and their supported operating systems. The information below is subject to change. This article is regularly updated.


Each product is rated based on internal testing at Omnivex and appropriate application in the field. Certain products that are targeted for server environments may operate on client environments and vise versa. We do not test and support all possible situations, but try to make allowance to support the most practical environments. The rating categories are listed here with Omnivex' corresponding support level details.

  • Recommended - Tested and demonstrates optimal performance.
  • Supported - Tested and demonstrates acceptable performance.
  • Untested - Not tested and not supported under AMS program.
  • Unsupported - Known issues and not supported under AMS program.
Omnivex Products Microsoft Windows Operating Systems1
    Windows Client Operating Systems Windows Server Operating Systems
2012 R22
2016 R22
Moxie Data Server 7.06
Moxie Studio 7.06
Moxie Player 7.06
DataPipe Server 3.10
DataPipe Client 3.10
SQLLink 4.10
XMLLink (service) 3.10
CalendarLink (service) 3.10
IOLink (service) 3.10


  • 1 - Omnivex only tests on US English versions of Windows operating systems. Testing is done with current versions of the operating system (latest service packs and updates) at time of version release.
  • 2 - Because some video rendering components such as graphics cards and codecs do not exist on Server-class computers, there may be issues rendering Studio content (for example, web and media content).