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KB309: Omnivex legacy products and Windows operating systems


Omnivex legacy products are considered feature complete and will not receive additional functionality. In most cases these products have been replaced by other products; customers with annual maintenance and support (AMS) can migrate to the new product based on their existing license. Omnivex supports these products under our AMS program. Listed below is the most recent version of each Omnivex legacy product and their supported operating systems. The information below is subject to change. This article is regularly updated.

DataPipe 3.07.030 released

Version update to address reported issue in prior versions, no new features.

A problem was identified under certain scenarios where some data cells did not update properly. A new version of DataPipe Server (Service) and Client are available. This version (3.07.030) was included in the recent Moxie 6.10 release.    

July 16, 2013

KB26: The wrong time is showing on your display device


When you add the time to your content, the time displayed on your device isn't correct.


The time shown on your device is based on the time and geographic time zone indicated in the Control Panel settings of the PC from which you are controlling your device. If time or time zone setting on that PC is not configured correctly, the displayed time will be wrong.


KB51: The data files associated with your Flash file aren't being transmitted to your Player


Display Director can't parse your SWF file to identify any additional files that it needs, so when you use a Flash zone for your content, only the SWF file associated with the zone is transmitted to your Player.


Use a multimedia zone to run your SWF file instead of using a Flash zone.

To add your SWF file to a multimedia zone:

KB55: Additional hardware requirements for button zones


There is no additional hardware required to include a fully-functional button zone in your Display Design file or to run it on your Player. Typically, customers that include button zones in their design use a touch-screen for user input at the Player. However, a touch-screen behaves in much the same way as a traditional mouse, trackball or touch pad and a button zone responds to the clicking action of any of these hardware devices in the same way.

KB56: Your JPEG images look distorted or black when you add them to your design


When you add a JPEG image to your design, the image appears to be distorted or does not appear at all.


Display 3 only accepts images with RGB color formatting. Images that use CMYK or any color format except for RGB don't look right when they appear in Display 3.


Convert your image file to the RGB color format using your image editor before adding it to your design.


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