KB309: Omnivex legacy products and Windows operating systems


Omnivex legacy products are considered feature complete and will not receive additional functionality. In most cases these products have been replaced by other products; customers with annual maintenance and support (AMS) can migrate to the new product based on their existing license. Omnivex supports these products under our AMS program. Listed below is the most recent version of each Omnivex legacy product and their supported operating systems. The information below is subject to change. This article is regularly updated.


Each product is rated based on internal testing at Omnivex and appropriate application in the field. Certain products that are targeted for server environments may operate on client environments and vise versa. We do not test and support all possible situations, but try to make allowance to support the most practical environments. The rating categories are listed here with Omnivex' corresponding support level details.

  • Recommended - Tested and demonstrates optimal performance.
  • Supported - Tested and demonstrates acceptable performance.
  • Untested - Not tested and not supported under AMS program.
  • Unsupported - Known issues and not supported under AMS program.
Omnivex Products Microsoft Windows Operating Systems1
    Windows Client Operating Systems Windows Server Operating Systems
2003 R2
2008 R2
2012 R22
Broadcaster Interface 3 3.03.007
Broadcaster 3 Interface Administrator 3.04.004
Control 4 Director 4.08.009
Control 4 Player 4.08.009
Control 4 Server 4.08.009
Control 5 Director 5.01.034
Control 5 Player 5.01.034
Control 5 Server 5.01.034
DataClock 5 5.01.038
DataDisplay 5.02.002
DataPipe 3 Ticker 3.01.013
DataPipe Monitor 3.03.022
DataScroller 3.03.003
DataScroller 3 Input 3.02.012
Display 2 Premium 2.10.076
Display 3 Director 3.17.030
Display 3 Player 3.17.030
Monitor (Display) 3.02.003
ScratchPad 4.17.006
SQLLink 3 (application)¤ 3.03.012
ThomsonLink 3 3.03.002
ThomsonLink 4* 4.01.002
TickerDisplay 4.04.009


  • 1 - Omnivex only tests on US English versions of Windows operating systems. Testing is done with current versions of the operating system (latest service packs and updates) at time of version release. These products will not be tested with operating systems introduced after the last version release.
  • 2 - Windows XP 32-bit only, XP 64-bit is untested.
  • 3 - Microsoft support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014.
  • 4 - Windows Vista performance is similar to Windows 7, however Windows Vista is not fully tested.
  • ‡ - Does not support registration keys on virtual machines.
  • ¤ - Replaced by SQLLink 4. See KB 308.
  • * - ThompsonLink 4 requires the latest version of Thomson Reuters ThomsonOne.

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Was this information helpful?