KB339: OmnivexEventLog.dll is flagged as a threat by your antivirus software


Your antivirus software flags OmnivexEventLog.dll as a threat.


This is a false positive. The file included with Moxie 7.03 R3 and earlier can be flagged as a potential threat because the DLL is unsigned.  (Moxie 7.04 and higher already includes the signed version.)


Replace the DLL file with a signed version:

KB309: Omnivex legacy products and Windows operating systems


Omnivex legacy products are considered feature complete and will not receive additional functionality. In most cases these products have been replaced by other products; customers with annual maintenance and support (AMS) can migrate to the new product based on their existing license. Omnivex supports these products under our AMS program. Listed below is the most recent version of each Omnivex legacy product and their supported operating systems. The information below is subject to change. This article is regularly updated.

KB165: You changed your desktop configuration and now you can't see some windows or dialogs


You have removed your secondary monitor or changed your desktop layout using the Windows Display Properties and now some of your Omnivex program windows or dialog boxes no longer appear. It may appear as though your Omnivex program has frozen after clicking a button or menu option but the program is actually waiting for an off screen dialog to be closed.


KB184: Common Omnivex data applications


Omnivex data applications are programs that contribute to and retrieve data from the Omnivex DataPipe Server. These applications act as clients to the DataPipe Server. DataPipe Server supports three different types of clients:

  • clients that send data
  • clients that receive data
  • clients that both send and receive data

Clients that send data to the DataPipe Server

These types of clients typically:

KB254: Omnivex Travel Policies


Omnivex has on-site training and installation services available for purchase. This article provides the information required to concisely define the scope and planning constraints of on-site visits.

Based on our experience, every effort has been made to define a clear structure for our travel policies but it is not reasonably possible to account for all eventualities that can occur.

KB255: In-house training at Omnivex


This article provides information to clients that have purchased in-house training session services from Omnivex and need to travel to Omnivex' head office in Concord, Ontario in order to attend.

These recommendations are based on our experience as a provider of this service and should be considered as guidelines when preparing for travel to your training session.

Travelling to Omnivex


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