KB268: Recommended upgrade path


The following is the recommended path for upgrading your Moxie installation.


  1. Export your content to create a backup copy.
  2. Stop all of your Moxie services.
  3. Backup the Database and Cache.
    • SQL Server – make a database backup
    • SQL CE – copy the Backbone database located in:    
      C:\ProgramData\Omnivex\Moxie\Drive C\Program Files(x86)\Omnivex\Moxie\Data Server\DataServer\Backbone.sdf
    • Cache – copy the contents of the Cache folder
  4. Run the installer for the latest version on the Data Server. Update all components indicated in the installation wizard, including linking products and core Data Server components.
  5. Run the installer on each Player system.
  6. Run the installer on each Studio system.

Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?