KB361: Before Upgrading from Moxie 7.04 (and earlier) to Moxie 7.05 (and above)


One of the many performance improvements implemented in Moxie version 7.05 was the use of a relative path to reference files in the Moxie cache.

While this change typically doesn't affect an installation, in the case that:

  • the cache location was set, then subsequently changed AND
  • files remained in the originally-configured cache location

This change may cause files to be missing from the Moxie database after upgrade. Moxie 7.05 and above will be unable to locate any files remaining in the originally-configured cache location; only files in the currently-configured cache location.


Before upgrading from any version of Moxie 7.04 and lower, ensure that all of your files are in the currently-configured cache location.

To do this:

  1. Check your currently-configured cache location. From the Tools folder in the Moxie installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\Omnivex\Moxie\Tools), launch the MDSPC tool. The current cache location is shown.

  2. If Moxie is configured to:
    • use the default cache location (C:\ProgramData\Omnivex\Moxie\Cache), proceed with the upgrade; no further steps are necessary.
    • use a non-default cache location, then some files may still remain in that folder. In this case:
      1. Browse to the default cache location and check for any files.
      2. If there are files there, copy them into the currently-configured file cache location.
      3. Proceed with the upgrade.

Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?