KB366: What's new in Moxie 7.09


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.09. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.08. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.09 to ensure compatibility.

We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.09.8427.1, as this version is the currently supported version. 

KB327: How to: Perform a "Silent Install" of Moxie


Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a silent install of the Moxie Player and Studio applications.

A silent install is a software installation that circumvents the use of an installer application. User interaction is not required during the installation process because install instructions and options are configured before the installation is initiated.

Installation can be performed on an individual computer or throughout your network using your own installation deployment tools.

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