KB367: What's new in Moxie 7.10


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.10. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.09. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.10 to ensure compatibility.

There are two released versions of Moxie 7.10; 7.10.8614.1 and 7.10.8731.2. We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.10.8731.2, as this version includes additional fixes and is the currently supported version. Other versions have been deprecated and are no longer available for download.


  • An upgraded Chromium version (111.2.7) for web content
  • The ability to view local Player data from within Player Manager to enable you to see what data is being used by your Players
  • The licensing call home now uses HTTPS:// for better security
  • Data Manager now supports the deletion of players and applications from the system


An upgraded Chromium version (117) for web content. This version addresses the heap buffer overflow vulnerability in WebP. 
Note: A fix to this vulnerability is not available for the Gecko and Internet Explorer versions of web content. For this reason, we strongly recommend using Chromium for all web content. A future release of Moxie will remove the Gecko and Internet Explorer options.


  • Image URLs in layouts are no longer being interpreted as a video stream and will now render in the Studio or Player
  • Invalid media streams no longer cause an exception
  • Number-type rules no longer being evaluated as strings, for example, “3” is now correctly evaluated as less than “10” instead of requiring the value of “03”
  • Layout-in-a-layout now reacts to changing data in a range when not sequencing. If additional rows of data are added or removed, the data displayed in the layout changes accordingly
  • Playlist promotion no longer fails to promote galleries when “&” was used in the name
  • Import and export of workspaces now supports “&” in the name
  • Rules with “[“ or “]” in cell data no longer fail to evaluate
  • Videos in a layout or playlist now respect stretch setting when set to “fill”
  • Fix to issue where accessing schedules from Recent items fails to load most recent changes from other users
  • Fix to issue where Text was incorrectly presenting data in certain cases when auto-shrink is enabled
  • Fix to issue causing incorrect DataPipe Server and Log Server assignment, and failure to run script tasks, spot schedules and scheduled transmissions at Players


  • Using the "does not contain" operator when creating a rule in Playlist Builder no longer causes an error
  • Fix to issue where, when using AAD for permissions in the MDSC, testing credentials failed to return the Group Name


  • When syncing files into Moxie from an Omnivex Ink gallery, the schedule dates and times are converted to the local time of the computer on which the Sync Service is running (for example, a start time of 8 a.m. entered in Ink through a browser running on EST, but synced in by a Sync Service running on PST will be stored in Moxie as 5 a.m.)
  • When executing a long-running script on a Script Engine, a sudden or immediate shutdown of Script Engine may result in its script logs reporting the script task as still running.
  • On a multi-screen desktop, where the monitors use different DPI settings; if the Studio window is opened on the higher DPI monitor then moved to the lower DPI monitor, some of the Studio window may be cut off.
  • Video Syncing between Players can drift when using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. We recommend removing the audio track from the video.
  • Running a manual setup on a computer where Moxie components have previously been upgraded using remote client upgrade creates a duplicate Omnivex Moxie entry in Programs and Features.
  • Sync Service stops when credentials to the file system location are incorrect, see KB 353.
  • When using the color picker on a second screen with a different DPI than the primary screen, the selection will be offset. The workaround is to verify the current color selection using the color box that appears to the right of the eyedropper cursor, while making your selection. You can also verify the RBG or HEX color values from the Color Chooser dialog box and change them as necessary.

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Was this information helpful?