KB336: Remote upgrade of a 32-bit player fails when upgrading to a 64-bit player


Remotely upgrading a 32-bit Moxie Player to a 64-bit Moxie Player fails, and the original 32-bit Player is uninstalled. The Player still consumes a license and shows up in the Player Manager and System Manager module in Moxie Studio.


Windows Updates: Essentially, a remote Player upgrade first uninstalls the Player from the machine and then installs the new version of the Player. The data files and configuration information is kept. Sometimes, if there are pending windows updates or a pending restart of PC waiting to happen, it prevents the installation from going through. As a result, the uninstallation of the Player occurs, but the setup is not able to install the new 64-bit Player. 

Other Potential Reasons

  • The account under which the setup runs on the Moxie Player machine does not have proper access rights to conduct an installation.
  • Another installation of some other program prevents the installation of Moxie Player.


1) In Moxie Studio, delete the Player from System Manager to clear up a Player license.

2) Manually run the Moxie 64-bit Player’s installation on the Moxie Player machine. This will install the Player under C:\Program Files\Omnivex\. The configuration information of the previously uninstalled Player would remain in its original installation directory, by default being C:\Program Files (x86)\Omnivex\Moxie\Player\. You can choose to delete this folder if you wish to do so.

3) Run the Omnivex Data Server Connection.exe from C:\Program Files\Omnivex\Moxie\Tools\ and connect the Player to the DataServer. 

4) Assign the content as desired to the Player using the Player Manager module in Moxie Studio.

Proactive measures to prevent this issue from happening

  • It is best to restart the Moxie Player PC(s) prior to initiating a remote Player upgrade. This ensures any pending tasks such as Windows Updates and program installations are complete.
  • Also, make sure to run the upgrade with user credentials that have permissions to install a software on the Moxie Player PC. If the PC is running under a service account which doesn’t have installation permissions, the remote upgrade would fail.

Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?