KB355: What's New in Moxie 7.05


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.05. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.04. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.05 to ensure compatibility.

There are four released versions of Moxie 7.05; 7.05.7635.1, 7.05.7600.1, 7.05.7541 and 7.05.7528. We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.05.7635.1, as this version includes additional fixes and is the currently supported version. All other versions have been deprecated and are no longer available for download.


  • Moxie now supports automated Data Server failover:

    • Available for installations where SQL Server is used for the Moxie database.
    • Supports any number of Data Servers; only one is active at any given time, the rest are passive (running, but not actively communicating with other Moxie components)
    • If the active Data Server fails, failover is automatically triggered and one of the passive Data Servers takes over and becomes the active Data Server
    • See the Moxie Installation Guide or our technical article here for details on how to set up the automated Data Sever failover
  • Data Manager has a new feature for file cleanup. Selecting multiple files, then clicking File Cleanup, opens a dialog box indicating whether the files are in use.
  • Layout Designer has a new option for inserting basic shapes (circles, rectangles and lines) into a layout.
  • Permission Manager has a Copy option to copy the selected permissions to the Clipboard
  • Performance improvements, including:

    • Use of relative path for Moxie cache
    • Increased speed of player data display in Player Manager and System Manager
    • Studio optimized to handle a significantly larger number of players
    • Increased Data Server processing speed


  • The System Manager option to Only send player status updates when System Manager or Player Manager are in use has been removed due to optimizations
  • Data Manager:

    • Server name now appears only as Data Server
    • Thumbnails now appear for files in all file dialogs
    • Metadata fields now appear in the order they were added to groups; the All group continues to be sorted alphabetically
  • Layout Designer enhancements to the timeline marker
  • In Script Manager, script task status messages are updated every 15 seconds
  • Studio has a link to the Moxie Ideas Portal in the Getting Started section of the Classic view
  • Player content purge enhancements; Moxie files (e.g. layouts, playlists, schedules, maps) are deleted from the player database as part of the purge
  • Moxie Data Server Connection wizard (MDSC):

    • Support for UNC path to network share
    • New, optional, page for configuring the automated Data Server failover
    • Support for Azure SQL connection string when .database.windows.net is detected in the server name. Note: the database must pre-exist and cannot be created through the MDSC


  • Moxie Data Server Performance Counters (MDSPC) have been updated to show:

    • Detailed file cache information
    • Active/passive status of Data Servers
    • Performance counters on startup
  • Correction of Log Server name in System Manager

    • On upgrade, name is reverted to Log Server (inadvertently renamed Omnivex Moxie Log Server in 7.04), and all configuration is preserved
    • New installations are not affected
  • Data Server now writes Windows Event messages for DataPipe Server connects and disconnects
  • Issues with file promotion have been fixed
  • System Manager views can now be opened from Data Manager
  • Playlists that use PlaybackWeight metadata on gallery items restart the gallery rather than the playlist when detecting a change in metadata value for an item

Additional fixes in 7.05.7541

  • The ability to de-select layout content in Layout Designer after closing another layout has been restored
  • Issue in Script Manager, where the very first task assignment to a Script Engine fails to show in the task list until the list is refreshed has been fixed

Additional fixes in 7.05.7600.1

  • The ability to rename folders in Data Manager when the Enable file and folder renaming option is selected and permissions are used has been restored
  • Issue with bidirectional file sync failing when a file was renamed multiple times has been fixed
  • Issue displaying metadata fields in custom groups when default fields are included in the group has been fixed

Additional fixes in 7.05.7635.1

This release fixes a bug that was inadvertently introduced in earlier Moxie 7.05 releases, as a by-product of some of the performance improvements. When Players with metadata assigned are restarted, at the time of reconnection to the Moxie Data Server, the Server is unable to detect the Player Data and Settings folders, causing it create new ones. However, once the Players finish reconnecting, the old folders still exist, so there are now duplicate folders, causing conflicting settings. This conflict results in symptoms such as:

  • an incorrect connection status showing for the player in Player Manager
  • the inability to send new content to the player
  • the player becoming unresponsive to property changes, such as height and width

This new release corrects these issues. If you are running 7.04 or earlier, we recommend upgrading directly to the latest version, bypassing this issue entirely.

If you have already installed an earlier version of 7.05, contact Technical Services for assistance in correcting this issue and upgrading to the latest version of 7.05


  • Chromium-based web content is only supported by 7.04 (and higher) Moxie players. Use of this type of content in earlier player versions causes an exception.
  • When previewing Chromium-based web content in Layout Designer, pressing ESC to close the preview window can cause the Moxie Studio to crash. To prevent this, close the Preview window by clicking Close instead.
  • When executing a long-running script on a Script Engine, a sudden or immediate shutdown of Script Engine may result in its script logs reporting the script task as still running
  • On a multi-screen desktop, where the monitors use different DPI settings; if the Studio window is opened on the higher DPI monitor then moved to the lower DPI monitor, some of the Studio window may be cut off.
  • Video Syncing between Players can drift when using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. We recommend removing the audio track from the video.
  • Running a manual setup on a computer where Moxie components have been upgraded using remote client upgrade will cause two Omnivex Moxie entries in Programs and Features.
  • Sync Service stops when credentials to the file system location are incorrect, see KB 353

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Was this information helpful?