KB352: Remote Player upgrade results in “Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file” error


When performing a remote Player upgrade from Moxie Studio, one or more Moxie Player upgrades fail with the following error message "Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file"


When a remote Player upgrade is initiated, the upgrade file is sent over to the Player PC and its signature is verified to ensure the file is not corrupted. Sometimes, due to certain security reasons if the Player PC can not verify the file's certificate, it aborts executing the installation file.


  1. Purge the Players' cache.

    • This can be done by right-clicking the Moxie Player from the Player Manager module, and then selecting "Purge Moxie Player Content"
  2. Reboot the Moxie Player PC.

    • If the Moxie Player is on version 7.01 or higher, you can simply right-click the Player from the System Manager module and select "Restart Player Computer"
    • Note, you should wait before the Player comes back online after purging the content before initiating the PC reboot.

Proactive measures to prevent this issue from happening

  • It is best to restart the Moxie Player PC(s) prior to initiating a remote Player upgrade. This ensures any pending tasks such as Windows Updates and program installations are complete.

  • Also, make sure to run the upgrade with user credentials that have permissions to install a software on the Moxie Player PC. If the PC is running under a service account which doesn’t have installation permissions, the remote upgrade would fail.

Was this information helpful?

Was this information helpful?