KB360: What's New in Moxie 7.06


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.06. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.05. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.06 to ensure compatibility.

There are three released versions of Moxie 7.06; 7.06.7815.1, 7.06.7725.2 and 7.06.7739.1. We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.06.7815.1, as this version includes additional fixes and is the currently supported version. Other versions have been deprecated and are no longer available for download.


  • Moxie is now only available in Enterprise version
  • Updated version of SQLLink (4.10.7738.4) is included with the Moxie installer
  • System Manager has a new feature for managing custom metadata groups and fields:
    • Custom metadata groups and fields can be added and removed through the Manage Metadata option
    • Existing fields can be included in custom groups, enabling fields to exist in multiple groups
    • While the previous method of metadata management (see KB 333) still works for adding new groups and fields, we recommend using the new method.
  • Sync Manager has a new type of sync task for syncing files (and their metadata) from an Omnivex Ink gallery to the Moxie Data Server
  • Playlist Builder now supports copying/pasting a rule from the Rule Builder dialog into a text document and back again
  • Layout Designer, databinding is now supported for the following chart properties:
    • Maximum value
    • Minimum value
    • Origin
  • Actions from an Action list can be copied and pasted into a text document and back again


  • Shapes in Layout Designer now support cutting out the background; enabling a view onto the desktop of the PC on which the Player is running
  • Shapes now supports additional data-binding on properties


  • As of 7.06, the Commercial version of Moxie is no longer available.
  • As announced by Adobe, support for Flash Player stopped as of December 31, 2020 and Adobe began actively blocking Flash content from running in Flash Players as of January 12, 2021. Because of this, Moxie no longer supports the addition of Flash files as content, see KB 356
  • Previous method for deleting or modifying custom metadata fields or values no longer works (KB 333), however fields added using this method can be deleted through the new feature


  • Previous method for adding custom metadata fields is no longer supported (KB 333), new metadata fields and values must be entered using the new metadata management feature


  • Data Manager:
    • The relationships feature has been extended to support showing content relationships on selected sheet cells or ranges
    • When adding a new workspace, the UI automatically scrolls to it upon creation
  • Closing the Player or Studio when the splash screen is running now shuts down the process
  • Selecting multiple players with different choice-type metadata and opening the Properties dialog box no longer nulls the metadata choices
  • Sync Service task now works when the file system folder is a root folder on the drive


  • Fix to issue causing data-triggered playlists (containing layouts within layouts) to fail to render after a trigger change


  • When previewing a playlist, any defined actions no longer occur. Actions still occur when the playlist is run on a player.
  • When syncing files into Moxie from an Omnivex Ink gallery, the schedule dates and times are converted to the local time of the computer on which the Sync Service is running (for example, a start time of 8 a.m. entered in Ink through a browser running on EST, but synced in by a Sync Service running on PST will be stored in Moxie as 5 a.m.)
  • When previewing Chromium-based web content in Layout Designer, pressing ESC to close the preview window can cause the Moxie Studio to crash. To prevent this, close the Preview window by clicking Close instead.
  • When executing a long-running script on a Script Engine, a sudden or immediate shutdown of Script Engine may result in its script logs reporting the script task as still running.
  • On a multi-screen desktop, where the monitors use different DPI settings; if the Studio window is opened on the higher DPI monitor then moved to the lower DPI monitor, some of the Studio window may be cut off.
  • Video Syncing between Players can drift when using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. We recommend removing the audio track from the video.
  • Running a manual setup on a computer where Moxie components have previously been upgraded using remote client upgrade creates a duplicate Omnivex Moxie entry in Programs and Features.
  • Sync Service stops when credentials to the file system location are incorrect, see KB 353.

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Was this information helpful?