KB329: What's new in Moxie 7.02


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.02. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.01. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.02 to ensure compatibility.

Additional information

As of Moxie 7.02, Moxie Studios automatically detect when the Data Server has been upgraded. When the Data Server is upgraded, all running Studios receive notification to save work in progress, then shut down and restart. The first time that a non-upgraded Studio is launched, after a Data Server upgrade, the Studio automatically detects the newer version and prompts users for the upgrade.

The Client upgrade MSI downloads automatically and runs. Running players, Sync Service and Script Engine on the same computer are also upgraded and automatically restarted.

The Moxie installation file now includes tamper-protection to validate the installation file. The installer validates the installation file and will not proceed if tampering or corruption is detected.

New features

  • Layout Designer:
    • Addition of the eye dropper color-picker tool to all color selection dialog boxes and menus
    • Enhancements to table content, enabling alternating row colors for tables, while maintaining custom background color selections
    • New clock feature for creating a customizable clock, including background and hand images or colors
    • New PDF zone for displaying PDF content on a layout. Includes the ability to sequence pages and specify which pages are displayed
  • Data Manager now supports the ability to find related Moxie items
  • Ability to create transmission schedules for sending new content to Players
  • Schedule Builder now supports the ability to schedule media files
  • Ability to assign spot content to Players, in addition to their regular content


  • The mouse cursor now changes appearance in Layout Designer to indicate insertion-mode
  • Redesigned databinding dialog and flow
  • Web zone now supports Firefox emulation
  • Support for Workspace sheets
  • Content transmission for playlist content is now based on evaluation of player-metadata rules

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Line breaks in cell data from Data Server to DataPipe Server have been replaced with bell characters to ensure proper line management
  • Support for non-alphanumeric characters added to playlist rules
  • Ability to open source layout or playlist by selecting option from right-click menu in Layout Designer
  • Ribbon buttons disabled during layout preview
  • Property to allow Players to run scripts moved to System Manager
  • Sync Service tracing file has been moved from Program Files to Program Data
  • Support for cancellation token added to Script Editor and Script Engine
  • Script API updated to include property for local DataPipe connection status
  • Script debug log messages are sent to the Player Manager immediately
  • Position line when dragging items in Playlist Builder has been restored
  • Player status updates added to player view in Player Script Manager
  • All Getting Started options have been added to the Studio ribbon

Known Issues

  • When the Windows Task bar is moved to left side or top of monitor, it partially obstructs the Studio window when it is maximized. This has no impact on the Moxie Player. The workaround is to position the Task bar at the bottom or right side of the monitor or to run the Studio window in a non-maximized state.
  • When using the color picker on a second screen with a different DPI than the primary screen, the selection will be offset. The workaround is to verify the current color selection using the color box that appears to the right of the eyedropper cursor, while making your selection. You can also verify the RBG or HEX color values from the Color Chooser dialog box and change them as necessary.