KB342: Moxie Player starts in an unexpected window state


Moxie Player application launches in an unexpected window state. For example, you expect it to launch as maximized, but it launches as minimized.


From the Player Manager within Moxie Studio, you are able to set the window state of a Moxie Player by going into its properties. Once you set the window state, the change takes place on the Player. You can set a Player's window state to minimized, normal, or maximized. However, it is important to note that when the Moxie Player application is closed, in both the Player’s local copy and the Data Server’s copy of the database, the value of the window state would save as it was prior to closing the Player.

Hence, if a user changes the Player’s window state while servicing the machine and then closes the application, the Player will return to this window state the next time it launches.  

For example, if you set a Moxie Player to maximize in the Player properties via Player Manager, it will maximize. However, if a user minimizes the Player application and then the Moxie Player is closed in this state, the next time the Player is launched, it will be in a minimized state as this was the state it was last closed in.


Remember to close the Moxie Player application in the state you want it to launch back as. If you want to service the machine and yet close the Moxie Player in a maximized state, use the "Alt+F4" keys on the keyboard to close the Moxie Player application.