KB349: What's new in Moxie 7.04


This article lists the new features and changes in Moxie version 7.04. It is intended for anyone planning to upgrade their installation of Moxie 7.03. All Moxie components, including Data Server, Player, Studio and services must be upgraded to 7.04 to ensure compatibility.

There are four released versions of Moxie 7.04; 7.04.7459.1, 7.04.7340.1, 7.04.7102.1 and 7.04.7082.1. We recommend installing or upgrading to 7.04.7459.1, as this version includes additional fixes and is the currently supported version. 7.04.7082.1, 7.04.7102.1 and 7.04.7340.1 have been deprecated and are no longer available for download.


Moxie Enterprise and Commercial editions are now available in only 64-bit versions.

Customers who run on a 32-bit operating system or who use legacy video capture content must remain on 7.03 or earlier.


  • Moxie now only available in a 64-bit version
  • Updated version of XMLLink (3.10.006) is included with the Moxie installer
  • Script Manager:
    • Script tasks can be configured to automatically run when the Script Engine or Player starts
    • Value-changed script tasks can be configured to ignore specific values in the trigger cell
    • Script tasks display live task status messages
    • New option in right-click menu to restart selected Script Engine
    • Enhancements and improvements to script log function; now a rolling list of log data, with the most recent data appearing at the bottom, shortcut keys for navigating to the top and bottom of the list, 1000 message limit and available filtering options
  • System Manager has a new option in the right-click menu to restart a Player computer
  • Playlist Builder has a new option in Playback Settings to play items for their configured PlaybackDuration metadata value
  • Layout Designer :
    • now supports 64-bit video capture. Legacy video capture has been deprecated and is no longer supported in this version. Layouts containing legacy video capture can be opened, but the video capture does not appear in the timeline list or on the layout.
    • support for Chromium web content added


  • Updated version of SQLLink (4.10.7338.1) is included with the Moxie installer
  • Support for double the amount of Player connections to a single Moxie Data Server
  • New performance counters added for monitoring server performance:
    • Updated Records Count
    • Send Queue Thread Count
    • Players Remaining
  • Studio now supports setting the Player window width up to 100,000 pixels


  • Sync Manager now has support for bidirectional file synchronization
  • System Manager has a new option to set the Content Logging property option globally for files inserted into layouts and playlists
  • Playlist Builder now supports the playback of items based on playback weight metadata


  • Additions to the Moxie scripting API. Now scripts can:
    1. Write a task status message for display in Script Manager
    2. Access the configuration setting for a Script Engine
    3. Get the task message timestamp and/or message for script tasks
    4. Get the current status timestamp and/or message for applications
    5. Determine if data from sheets is loaded and latest
    6. Activate, deactivate or restart a script task
    7. Get a cell range and:
      • Get or set a cell value within a range
      • Copy cell range to another range
      • Copy cell range to a data table
      • Copy a data table to a cell range
      • Fill cell range with a string value
      • Determine the last row of non-blank data for a cell range
    8. Create and manage a log file on the file system and write messages to this file during script execution
    9. Restart a Player computer
  • Data Server checks license fingerprint every 30 seconds to monitor for computer fingerprint changes
  • Inbound file synchronization through Sync Manager is now triggered when changes to files are detected, in addition to the automatic file reconciliation that occurs every 5 minutes


  • Moxie now uses SQL Compact Server 4.0 (previously used SQL Compact 3.5 SP2)
  • SQL Compact Database size expanded to a maximum of 2 GB from 1 GB
  • SQL Compact Server 4.0 is automatically installed as part of the Moxie installation, if it is missing
  • Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (and higher) is now recognized as an acceptable prerequisite


Data Manager source viewer now supports TXT, LOG, HTML and XML files


  • Custom user metadata fields and values are preserved upon upgrade from 7.03
  • Relationships and Find feature no longer displays the file name or location for non-permissioned results
  • Scrolling can now be set to speeds faster than 500 (up to 1000)
  • The UAC prompt no longer appears when the MDSC or DSC launches during installation
  • Inbound sync task no longer alters metadata date/time values to 1 day earlier for UTC +1:00 time zone
  • When using playlist synchronization in Playlist Builder, child players no longer lose synchronization when the parent computer powers off and on
  • Unique event IDs have been added for Windows Event log messages generated by Moxie components
  • When Players are restarted through the Monitor function, the splash screen no longer appears
  • Significant performance enhancements on inbound file sync to accommodate large folder structures
  • Duplicate files are now detected and prevented on inbound file sync
  • New version of XMLLink fixes an exception that occurred in the page right-click menu


  • Added three new properties to the scripting API - Environment.IsLocalDataPipeConnected, Environment.IsGlobalDataPipeConnected, Environment.IsDataServerConnected
  • The Studio no longer crashes when creating a property update action
  • The Studio no longer crashes when unplugging a capture device while a video capture zone is running


  • Multiple performance enhancements and optimizations, including:
    • Updated Record Count works on idle time to allow busy Data Servers to perform messaging at a priority
    • Improved Data Server service shutdown
    • Players no longer request their content on Data Server restarts (only if a transmission was under way upon restart will it re-request content)
    • File Transfer speed greatly improved
    • File Packet sizes increased for file transmissions
    • Heartbeat modifications to lower the amount of messaging from clients to Data Server
    • Promotion in certain workspaces no longer causing an exception
    • Error launching layouts from certain workspaces no longer causes Studio crash
    • Effects property has been reinstituted in Layout Designer
    • Support for player window width beyond 10,000
  • New version of SQLLink upgrades the database to SQL Compact 4.0


  • Chromium-based web content is only supported by 7.04 (and higher) Moxie players. Use of this type of content in earlier player versions causes an exception.
  • When previewing Chromium-based web content in Layout Designer, pressing ESC to close the preview window can cause the Moxie Studio to crash. To prevent this, close the Preview window by clicking Close instead.
  • In Script Manager, the very first task assignment to a Script Engine may fail to show in the task list until the list is refreshed
  • When executing a long-running script on a Script Engine, a sudden or immediate shutdown of Script Engine may result in its script logs reporting the script task as still running
  • On a multi-screen desktop, where the monitors use different DPI settings; if the Studio window is opened on the higher DPI monitor then moved to the lower DPI monitor, some of the Studio window may be cut off.
  • Video Syncing between Players can drift when using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. We recommend Windows 7 or removing the audio track from the video.
  • Running a manual setup on a computer where Moxie components have been upgraded using remote client upgrade will cause two Omnivex Moxie entries in Programs and Features.
  • Sync Service stops when credentials to the file system location are incorrect, see KB 353
  • Log Server needs to be reconfigured after upgrade, see KB 351