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KB353: Moxie 7.04 Sync Service stops due to incorrect credentials


After upgrading to Moxie 7.04, the Sync Service stops repeatedly. 


If the folder the Sync Service is attempting to sync files from or to does not have permissions for the user account under which the Sync Service is running, it'll stop. 


Make sure all the folders from which the Sync service syncs files from and to have read and write permissions for the user account under which the Sync Service is running. 

KB352: Remote Player upgrade results in “Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file” error


When performing a remote Player upgrade from Moxie Studio, one or more Moxie Player upgrades fail with the following error message "Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file"


When a remote Player upgrade is initiated, the upgrade file is sent over to the Player PC and its signature is verified to ensure the file is not corrupted. Sometimes, due to certain security reasons if the Player PC can not verify the file's certificate, it aborts executing the installation file.

KB350: Specifications for Video Capture with Moxie

For Moxie 7.03 and lower

Note: Moxie 7.03 64-bit does not have video capture

For Moxie 7.03 and lower the tested Video Capture USB devices are:

  1. Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950
  2. Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1955

PCI versions of these devices are 1600 and 1800.

These devices use MPEG-2, which is not installed by default on Windows 10. However, the codecs are available for installation from Hauppauge.

KB348: Moxie Player or Studio restarts unexpectedly and throws an “OutOfMemoryException”


Moxie Player or Studio will restart automatically if certain conditions are encountered such as repeated failures to render video files or when unexpected exceptions are thrown. As part of the Moxie’s process to recover, it will write a timestamped incident log file to C:\ProgramData\Omnivex\System for analysis and then trigger a process restart.

KB341: An error appears when video streaming using an Internet Explorer web zone


When you add web content to a layout using Internet Explorer, a “Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available” error appears. The error appears for various video streaming websites, such as YouTube and Twitch.


Moxie emulates Internet Explorer, which does not support HTML5 streaming on a Windows 7 operating system for some websites.

KB340: Moxie Players display "No licensed Player connections remain at the Moxie Data Server."


Moxie Players display a "No licensed Player connections remain at the Moxie Data Server. Check with your Moxie Administrators to ensure that connection are available" message. Either:

  1. Some Moxie Players display this message OR
  2. All Moxie Players display this message


Depending on your symptom (a or b), either:


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