KB322: How to: Connect a Moxie Player to a different new or existing server


A Moxie digital signage network consists of a collection of components that communicate with each other via TCP/IP. When a Moxie Player is installed on a display's computer, it also installs a supporting communication service; the Moxie Agent. By design, Moxie Agent is always running so it can respond quickly to any new instructions it receives from the server including remote updates of Moxie Player.

Uninstalling Moxie Player does not remove the connection data. To connect an existing Player to a Moxie Cloud server or a different on-premise server, the Moxie Agent must be shut down and its connection data replaced.

In earlier versions of Moxie, once this process was completed, the Player database and cache needed to be cleared manually. With versions 6.14 and higher, the Player automatically clears its database and cache when it detects new connection data.

Note: The following procedure should only be performed on computers that only have Moxie Player installed.

To connect to another Data Server:

  1. Click Start > Omnivex > Omnivex Data Server Connection. The Connection Wizard appears.
  2. Configure the Connection Wizard for the new Data Server. This updates the saved data in the Moxie Agent.
  3. Launch the Moxie Player. Player launches and detects the change in Data Server connection data stored by the Moxie Agent. This triggers the Moxie Player to clear its database and its cache, then restart. On restart, the Player connects to the new Data Server.

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Was this information helpful?