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Thoughts on transforming organizations with digital communications

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One of the fundamental reasons for taking your business digital is to better leverage existing resources like data. Using digital signage software you have the ability to utilize the volumes of data collected over the years and still being collected to improve areas like your digital communications and customer experience. One common question is - how do I turn my data into engaging digital communications and interactive experiences?

Below are some applications to consider as a starting point:


Whether it was advertising products and services or upcoming promotions and events, organizations have long used digital screens to get their message in front of audiences. A digital communications platform, enables you to leverage you data to show relevant and personalized content for your viewers.

Employee Communications

A properly engaged employee is happier, loyal, more productive, and passionate. There are so many benefits to maintaining a high level of employee engagement, least of which is how it affects your bottom line. Engage your employees with real-time updates of data, social media feeds, announcements, emergency notifications, and more.

Emergency Notifications

Virtually all organizations need to have a way to notify their employees, customers, or visitors of potential fire, health or safety hazards. While audio alarms have long been the standard, digital communications provides a new and unique way to get real-time alerts and information out to people where and when they need it. 


When real-time scheduling is paramount for your business you need a digital communications platform that takes information from many different sources, such as database and GPS tracking systems, and shares it across any screen, from mobile phones to digital signs.

Interactive Kiosks

People today are more self-directed than ever. Few are bothered by self-checkout lanes in supermarkets or information kiosks in retail stores, and the trial and adoption of these is growing rapidly. Digital communications on devices such as self-serve kiosks provide a number of business advantages, including improving brand engagement and optimizing staff.

Menu boards

Combine real-time information with eye-catching graphics to create menu boards that attract and engage customers. A digtal communications platform enables you to trigger visuals based on information coming from a variety of sources, including calendars, clocks, sensors, and source systems such as inventory, ERP, or CRM.


Help visitors find their way with interactive wayfinding. Using a digital communications platform you can create maps and floor plans that are easy to understand and ensure accuracy with your changing environment. Maps and floor plans are easy to maintain; by connecting to back end systems, they will reflect the current state of a changing environment.