KB352: Remote Player upgrade results in “Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file” error


When performing a remote Player upgrade from Moxie Studio, one or more Moxie Player upgrades fail with the following error message "Not a valid Omnivex signed upgrade file"


When a remote Player upgrade is initiated, the upgrade file is sent over to the Player PC and its signature is verified to ensure the file is not corrupted. Sometimes, due to certain security reasons if the Player PC can not verify the file's certificate, it aborts executing the installation file.

KB307: You want to know what the changes are to logging in Moxie 6.10


When upgrading from an older version of Moxie to 6.10, there are several changes to logging that should be noted:

  • There is a Moxie Log Server component to install and configure
  • There is no longer a Log Viewer module
  • Moxie Player has a Client Logging Agent
  • MS SQL is required to store your log files

There is a Moxie Log Server component to install and configure

KB305: You cannot perform a remote upgrade of Moxie Player on a Windows 8 computer because of UAC


You see a message in the Moxie System Manager module indicating that one or more of your Moxie Players cannot be upgraded because User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, regardless of the fact that UAC is disabled as displayed in the Windows Control Panel.


When Microsoft released Windows 8, and in order to accommodate Windows Store applications, they introduced new system registry value to describe UAC configuration states.

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